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2010-03-02 12:43 am
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300, or how many lives must a film wear down, before we can be called free.

Well, we made it to the end, just )

We are now rather toasted. I'm voting for bed. C is voting for Troy. May the tiredest soul win.
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2010-03-01 10:44 pm
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I may be in hell...

After a weekend of suffering from a cold, most likely contracted from my boss, and suffering enough to not go into work today, C has had me watching god-awful films because, in her words, it'll take our minds off it.

So, here below the cut, are choice words about the first of the films.

Arthur - With added historical accuracy. Apparently. )

Next up, if I'm still sober enough to type, is the madness that is Sparta. Wish me luck. Or a quick death. Or something.