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2011-05-23 05:49 pm

My Zombie Film Music Soundtrack

(stolen from [livejournal.com profile] icedmaple) - another "randomise your ipod and answer these questions" meme. In this case you are naming the songs playing when you do various things during your zombie apocalypse film.

Instead of just listing the songs, I thought I'd get creative and actually describe those scenes in full. This means that you don't need to know the song picked to enjoy the result (although, I suspect a working knowledge of Pink Floyd, Queen and Mika is needed to survive any zombie apocalypse.)

Let me take you on a strange journey through time and brains )

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2011-04-05 11:12 am

Dawning Realisation

Due to the fact the department I work for has the initials "K" & "I", I've just realised that I work for "Kandi". That's slightly worrying...

No actual piccies of the real dress yet (we're a superstitious bunch and there won't be until after the wedding), but here are stock photos of C and I's* dresses. They are rather lush...

Dresses by Vivien Of Holloway

Pics under the cut )

* Candi? Well, it's better than C and A... *oh bugger* ...
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2011-03-29 04:13 pm
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2011-02-04 05:57 pm

It's a Gnother Gnu

Bizarre (though interesting) article in the New Scientist today:

True Blood: The Real Vampire Slayers

Such scholarly articles, I suppose, are both an interest and necessary every time the vampire legend takes another left turn into sparkledom. (And actually it's interesting to plot the movement in the legend and how it takes a leap forward every time vampires become popular again, for whatever reason.)

I, in fact, have several books/articles on the rise of the mythology. Which probably doesn't surprise anyone here...

What does make me boggle is why is the New Scientist so interested?!

Perhaps this April Fools' I'll start the rumour that New Scientist is actually a spoof, like The Onion.

Oops. I just did.

Apropos of nothing, how do you pronounce "gnu"? (And I'm asking how you pronounce it, not how it's properly pronounced....)

[Poll #1677148]
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2011-01-15 08:35 pm

Procrastination - the Art of Kings

I've got a million and one things I could be doing. All important and necessary.

So why am I futzing about on the internet, wasting time?

Ah, procrastination, how we love thee.

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2010-12-27 06:49 pm

Ten Lords A Lepping

So that's Christmas over for another year. I'm currently somewhere south of Grantham, travelling back on the train down to London to be with my honey again. Saw the sis this morning, so the text I received on Christmas morning (a picture of my Christmas pressies, still sat in Lincoln due to bad weather!) physically manifested. Which is great!

The pressie haul was pretty good this year. As well as the Inspector Morse DVDs from the parental unit, I got both Queen Greatest Flix DVDs as well as a lovely collection of terribly hilarious Hammer Horror Dracula DVDs from C. (She knows I fancy Christopher Lee something rotten, and only teases me about it occasionally*. Star pressie this year was from [livejournal.com profile] not_here, who sent me a beautiful stainless steel casserole dish, so I can bore you all even more with new recipe cards in the New Year. Wasn't that thoughtful of her??!

There's still New Year to go, of course, so I'm not stopping there with the 'carols'. Although this next one can't really be called a carol, but it's definitely one of those songs that makes the season! I've picked this version because the singers are obviously having a fantastic time. So, here's The Spinners singing The Twelve Days of Christmas

* Only once or twice a week, in fact.
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2010-12-25 01:53 am

I Wish You a Merry Christmas

Without further comment because it's almost 2am and I've been trying to find this version on Youtube for several weeks, here's the Monte Vista Christian School Choir with:

A Merry Christmas indeed. With love to you all, because you are all fabulous.
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2010-12-23 04:08 pm

Snowy Christmas

So here's a brief hello from the frozen North of England. I'm typing this one-handed because Bonny has claimed my right hand as her exclusive property...

She is uttery adorable, but very tiny. She's not going to get much bigger either. There *will* be pics!!!

Anyhow, today's carol is one you will all have heard, but I've been searching for this particular arrangement for weeks. The discordant chanting underneath is wonderful, but it's the descant that is a true marvel. Here is the London Cantata Singers with "I Saw Three Ships".

(unfortunately embedding is disabled with this one, and there's no visual.)

I Saw Three Ships

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2010-12-02 12:30 pm

The Obligatory Snow Post

So yes, we've had an inch of snow in London. I've still made it into the office though (go me!) Let's see how quickly I can get back out again...

Because [livejournal.com profile] draycevixen is doing a list of her favourite Christmas Songs, I thought I'd get onto the band wagon and do the same thing. She's picking popular music, but as I love singing Christmas Carols, I thought that I might pick out some of my favourite from that genre.

Mind you, favourite seems to equal 'unusual'...

I therefore present my first pick, The Gloucestershire Wassail.

You can tell it's a drinking song, can't you?!

It's also my first embedded video, so lets see how this one goes...
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2010-12-01 12:30 pm
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2010-11-20 10:56 pm
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Phil Glenister's normal accent just sounds like a working class Northerner trying to sound posh, y/y???

This post is brought to you by watching TV (specifically Dave) for the first time in six months.

Posted via m.livejournal.com.

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2010-10-14 12:24 pm
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In case the Cabinet Office and Number 10 sites have fallen over again, here's the Public Body Proposed Reforms in full. (Cut for hideously long tables)

Department Public Body Proposed Reforms )

Full list obtained here.

You might note that out of an estimated 700-900 Public Bodies, only 364 are on this list. Where are the rest? I don't know.
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2010-10-12 01:39 pm

New Scientist = Good Enough

First of all, thank you all for your kind wishes and sympathy last week. I was a bit of a mess for a while, and C and friends poured alcohol into me on Tuesday night.

Dad's already talking about getting another dog. (Yet) another tricolour bitch, so, whatever her name ends up being I suspect her real name will be Luce-Pop-Whatever... I know even when I was home a couple of weeks ago I managed to call Poppy "Lucy" by mistake.

(If you're not familiar with "Shelties", I would have a quick gander here - they are utterly adorable, incredibly affectionate and quite intelligent.)

I'll try and get hold of some photos of both Lucy and Poppy at some point and PICSPAM y'all!

Work's been manic this week, so in lieu of any other content, have some [livejournal.com profile] newscientist content instead.

Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] newscientist, a successor to the Oncology Ontology Project has been found. Kill or Cure?. For the uninitiated, the website categorises those things that the Daily Mail have proclaimed (loudly and clearly) either causing or curing cancer.

A few selections:

Cause: Aspirin, Babies, Bread, Calcium, Cheese, The Pill, Dieting, Eggs, Fibre, Fish, Gas, HRT, Mammograms, Milk, Mouthwash, Pizza, Pregnancy, Rice, Sex, Spices, Statins, Stress, Sun, Sunscreen, Tea, Vitamins, Wine.
Prevent: Aspirin, Babies, Bread, Calcium, Cheese, The Pill, Dieting, Eggs, Fibre, Fish, Gas, HRT, Mammograms, Milk, Mouthwash, Pizza, Pregnancy, Rice, Sex, Spices, Statins, Stress, Sun, Sunscreen, Tea, Vitamins, Wine.

(And yes, I am quite aware that a lot of those are valid. But, trust me, you don't want to put yourself on the Daily Mail's side in that debate.)

Also from [livejournal.com profile] newscientist (you can tell I've been going through back issues, can't you?), excuses for failing at sport with scientific accuracy

And finally (as Feedback would say) if you're of an apolcalyptic bent, Fifty ideas to change the Earth is rather quite interesting. Unfortunately you do need to be a subscriber to see all fifty. (And NS seems to have removed the Institution Subscription, more bad luck.)
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2010-09-14 03:38 pm

Appears from the void

Not dead, but the internet connection is. I've had to make a trip in order to ensure my Pros Big Bang fic was posted on the correct day!

But yes, it's finished and it's up. Blimey. Didn't think I was going to make it, to be honest. But hurrah! Definitely deserves a drink...

Holiday is going well. Though C and I were writing an iterinery of things to do for the fortnight and it's all gone! We're planning on visiting the Chelsea Physic Garden, the London Dungeon, The Clink, London Zoo, St Thomas' Operating Theatre, The Tower of London, Camden Town (mainly for dim sum, apparently) and we're going to go on an open-topped tourist bus. Woo!

Anyway, link to fic is here, in case you fancy reading it: Any Other World
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2010-08-17 07:22 pm

Pros Crack Van Delicious Tags

A cold is apparently a brilliant excuse for getting stuff done that you haven't had time to do already. In other words, I've finished delicious-tagging the Professionals [livejournal.com profile] crack_van entries. They are here.

What you can do, oh wonderful friendslist, is drop me a line if any of them are missing tags, are mis-tagged or if you've got any fantastic ideas for other tags, if and when you use the list. When I'm happy they're pretty well set up, I'll mention them on the [livejournal.com profile] teaandswissroll comm. (Let me know if there's a n other comm I should mention the resource in.)

I'll continue adding new entries to the list when new stories are recced (I tend to keep a close eye on the [livejournal.com profile] crack_van comm) and if/when I get bored/move out of the fandom/die/finally get sectioned under section five of the mental health act 1983, I'll make sure I pass it on so it's a continuing resource for all you good folk who rec.

Professionals Crack Van Delicious Tags

With many, many thanks to [livejournal.com profile] mikes_grrl for giving me the idea in the first place.

*and collapse*
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2010-08-17 03:19 pm

Love, Light and Kisses

Because I have a stinking cold and am tired and crabby. Be nice to me...

the that's my favourite! meme

In other news, my fabulous beta has turned around my big bang fic in less than twenty-four hours. Some stuff to do, but I'm feeling a lot more confident about it now! Still need to write the epilogue though...

I'm still delicious tagging the [livejournal.com profile] crack_van Pros Recs (No, I've not forgotten about them!) 156 down, 50 to go. *sigh* I should get them done before it's my turn to drive the LoM Cortina next month. I hope.

C is being a complete stalwart and bringing me tea, even though she's not feeling too good either. I love you, honey.
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2010-08-12 03:31 pm

The Answer to Life, the Universe and Everything

Isn't 42 after all. It's brain bleach. Let me explain...

Via [livejournal.com profile] newscientist according to Conservapedia, E no longer equals MC squared

Read the whole thing - it's boggling. But if you can't/don't want to, here's my brief analysis/piss-take...

under a cut, because I'm verbose )
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2010-08-03 02:36 pm
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It's the beginning of August...

...and we all know what that means!

It's the Great British Beer Festival! YAY!!!

Myself and [livejournal.com profile] cuvalwen will be there tonight, propping up one of the bars, at least. If anyone else will be there tonight, give a 'yo' in the comments and I'll look out for you!
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2010-07-30 03:57 pm
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Fic Rec: A Long, Hard Day

It's all [livejournal.com profile] lukadreaming's fault. Well, when you invoke Rule 34 and can't find what you are "looking for", then don't be surprised when it soon turns up.

Fandom: Primeval
Rule 34 Condition: Etruscan Rhino Porn
Author: [livejournal.com profile] canadian_jay

A Long, Hard Day

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2010-07-27 05:08 pm

Great British Beer Festival 2009

Great British Beer Festival Tasting Notes - 2009

Previous Years are here: 2000/2001, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008.

Okay, I've been shockingly bad this year with getting the notes out – it's taken 51 weeks. So, belated thanks to last year's co-conspirators: [livejournal.com profile] clanwilliam, [livejournal.com profile] gmh, [livejournal.com profile] hano, Rob, Ed and David. Oh and the fabulous [livejournal.com profile] cuvalwen, without which any beer festival would not be complete.

But without further ado to the stars of the show, the beers.

The Beers )

Well, it's one week to go until the 2010 festival! Place your bets now on how quickly I'll get that write-up done!!!