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In the immortal words of vatine:
[A]s everyone knows, Andy is merely an analogy narrated to inspire the younger generations.

There may, once, have been a girl named Andy born, but she surely was not the Slasher sent from Above. However, I would not mention that to the wee ones, as they find comfort and joy in the thought of AndyMass and deliveries of new fics from sources unknown and it would be cruel to crush their illusions like so much white belly-growing sauce ground into the carpet under Clarence's unrelenting boot-heel.
Please note that this journal tends to contain mostly knitting, sarcastic comments about work, meerkats (Don't Ask) and New Scientist rantage. In other words, Real Life. If you're looking for my Life on Mars or The Professionals fic, you can find it here on Fi and Andy's joint fic journal - fiandyfic.

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