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The [livejournal.com profile] improbable_blog today brings news that the mysterious G-spot [...] may not exist at all.

The ever-wonderful [livejournal.com profile] oursin posted a link to a wonderful rebuttal by Dr. Petra Boynton here who in turn posted a link to the Daily Mash, which made me laugh out loud. (And I really couldn't explain that one to my boss!!!)

Men who care about the g spot are a myth.
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Via [livejournal.com profile] theferrett, an article on the "Google Killer", Wolfram Alpha.

It's an interesting article, on a very interesting piece of software. And it's a pity that the 'computational engine' does not deliver at this moment in time. But one does hope that it will do so at some point in the future. I quite like the idea of, in some indeterminate time, asking of my current computer "explain to me the finer points of string theory" and having Romy* oblige, succinctly and accurately.

But it's the conclusion that has me giggling like a loon.
How can you trust an information processor that sometimes spits out results you don't understand, doesn't explain how it came to these answers and doesn't reveal its sources?
Well, I don't know. How about employ them at The Daily Mail or The Daily Express, m'lud?

* Well, if you could interact with your computer on that kind of level, what would you call yours?

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