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Bizarre (though interesting) article in the New Scientist today:

True Blood: The Real Vampire Slayers

Such scholarly articles, I suppose, are both an interest and necessary every time the vampire legend takes another left turn into sparkledom. (And actually it's interesting to plot the movement in the legend and how it takes a leap forward every time vampires become popular again, for whatever reason.)

I, in fact, have several books/articles on the rise of the mythology. Which probably doesn't surprise anyone here...

What does make me boggle is why is the New Scientist so interested?!

Perhaps this April Fools' I'll start the rumour that New Scientist is actually a spoof, like The Onion.

Oops. I just did.

Apropos of nothing, how do you pronounce "gnu"? (And I'm asking how you pronounce it, not how it's properly pronounced....)

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There was so much garlic in the aioli at lunch, the roof of my mouth now stings...

An anonymouse is writing a reply to the Anonymous Pornfest II (The Porn Bites Back), which is a bit bizarre as it's nearly a year ago since we last ran one.

Even more bizarrely, it's an answer to the dub!con Sam/Harry Woolfe prompt.

Fic is here and isn't half-bad. Pity that the author isn't going to get much credit. I've left a note to ask whether the anonymouse wishes to repost/have it reposted/pointered on [livejournal.com profile] lifein1973, fingers crossed (s)he replies!

Of course, this has got me thinking. It's been a year since the last one - how do folk fancy another anon pornfest???

If so, shall we open it up for A2A as well? Or shall we not do that?

Oh, and [livejournal.com profile] darthfi: are you happy for the joint fic journal to be used again to this end?

In fact, let's be democratic.


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Okay, I'm an idiot. I managed to miss out the Ashes question.

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ETA: Of course, if it turns out anonymouse is one of you lot, posting on the meme in order to prompt me into starting up this year's... then you're a sneaky little so-and-so. And that's probably why we're friends. *G*
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Oh, help me, my friendslist. I've got a fic due on Boxing Day for the [livejournal.com profile] discoveredinalj annual Christmas Challenge and I'm vacillating on what to write. Which means, of course, the deadline is looming closer with nary a letter written. So, please. Help me decide what to put out there.

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You're all wonderful!

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