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Isuzu Mini Honda Opel STOP Toyota Honda Isuzu Skoda Isuzu Skoda Alfa Ferrari Alfa Isuzu Rover Lotus Yaris Porsche Opel Isuzu Nissan Toyota Lotus Escort Skoda Skoda Mini Escort Mini Escort STOP Bugatti Universal Toyota Isuzu Toyota Skoda Alfa Mini Universal Skoda Isuzu Nissan Golf Mini Escort Skoda Opel Winnebago Honda Opel Cortina Alfa Rover Escort Skoda STOP

Isuzu Ferrari Yaris Opel Universal Cortina Alfa Nissan Universal Nissan Datsun Escort Rover Skoda Toyota Alfa Nissan Datsun Toyota Honda Isuzu Skoda, Cortina Opel Porsche Yaris Alfa Nissan Datsun Porsche Alfa Skoda Toyota Escort Isuzu Toyota Toyota Opel Yaris Opel Universal Rover Lotus Isuzu Volkswagen Escort Jaguar Opel Universal Rover Nissan Alfa Lotus STOP

(Skoda Toyota Opel Lotus Escort Nissan Ferrari Rover Opel Mini lj user=Skoda Alfa Cortina Rover Escort Datsun Skoda Alfa Cortina Honda Alfa Skoda Mini STOP Opel Ferrari Cortina Opel Universal Rover Skoda Escort, Isuzu Toyota Honda Alfa Datsun Toyota Honda Escort Nissan Alfa Toyota Opel Porsche Honda Opel Nissan Escort Toyota Isuzu Cortina Cortina Opel Datsun Escort STOP Toyota Honda Isuzu Skoda Isuzu Skoda Winnebago Rover Isuzu Toyota Toyota Escort Nissan Isuzu Nissan Toyota Honda Escort Alfa Lotus Ferrari Alfa Bugatti Universal Golf Alfa Triumph Triumph Isuzu Cortina Opel Datsun Escort STOP Mini Universal Cortina Honda Mini Opel Rover Escort Ferrari Universal Nissan!)
m31andy: (M1 LLA)
You may recall, a while ago, I had a debate with you, dear friendslist about coming up with a more vehicular version of the phoentic alphabet. I even had a poll. And then I completely forgot to post up the results.

So, having found them again, may I present to you now: The Alfabugatti )

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