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Harlequin Romance 3 – Baby Bonanza )

A two-fer today. It's been a long weekend (C and I were up in Darlington for a friend's wedding. I came back with cowboy boots and C came back with a guitar. We're obviously attempting to become Shania Twain...) But I'm back at work now, worse luck. I just have to get my writing head on. 11,000 words due in four weeks and I've still not started...
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Harlequin Romance 2 – A Very Special Delivery )

There's two more Steeple Hill books to go, by the way. If I make the hat-trick without faltering, I might give you a bonus and review "Daddy's Home" by Debbie Kessler…
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Fictionwise has brought me the news that they're offering a Valentine's Special on 15 individual Harlequin romances. Free. Gratis. Crikey.

Now I don't read Mills and Boon (the UK Harlequin label), but the temptation to get all of these is overwhelming. But what am I setting myself up for?

Harlequin Romance )

And as these are all different 'types' of Harlequin Romance, one of these is a Steeple Hill book. Yes, the Christian Inspirational Romance line, perpetrators of the only Harlequin book I own, Daddy's Home (Don't ask, you don't want to know) Guess which one is the sheep amongst the goats.

Also, one for [livejournal.com profile] mikes_grrl, methinks. Via [livejournal.com profile] oursin.

Literature writers turn to erotica.

Unfortunately, highly predictable. No wonder men complain that they can't work out what women actually want - we're not even honest with ourselves.

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