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So, for once, I know where a meme actually started! From [livejournal.com profile] draycevixen who thought it would be more interesting to list all the situations the lads are stuck in due to a case of rather serious writer's block.

My WIP folder seems to be quite large )

I'm slightly disturbed by some of the pairings on this list - my OTPs are very thin on the ground there. (That possibly explains why they're all still WIPS!
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"My name is Richard Hammond. I had an accident, and I woke up in 1973. Am I mad, in a coma, or back in time? Whatever's happened, it's like I've landed on a different planet. Now, maybe if I can work out the reason, I can get home."

Oh god. I really am going to write this, aren't I?

It works really well, actually. Top Gear started in 1972 as a Road Safety programme. With Angela Rippon. The Hamster was born in 1969 and that is the estimated year of birth for Sam.

I'm so going to hell.

ETA: Actually, I got my dates wrong. Top Gear started in 1977. However, That's Life did start in 1973, which was involved in the wearing of seat-belts. Ooooh. No. Hammond as one of Esther's Nancies. This is getting scary.

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