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Also, instead of politics, have some piccies of projects I've finished recently.

Cut for pictures of filth - crochet and knitting... )

Title links are all to Ravelry - I'm m31andy on there, just in case you've got an account too!

ETA: I just wanted to apologise for the unacceptable size of the original photos – I think I've managed to scale them all down now, but if any are still horribly large, let me know. I'm a pillock...
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Oh help me, wonderful knitting friends, I'm trying to find a pattern.

I bought, back in September, a skein of laceweight cashmere, made by The Knitting Goddess from the wonderful Darlington yarn stall A Fine Yarn. Talking to the lovely proprietoress of the stall, she recommended a small Ishbel shawl, but also mentioned that there's a similiar lace shawl pattern out there, that's free. It takes the same amount of yarn, approx 350 metres. Does anyone know what that similiar shawl pattern might be?

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Well, if you've seen me in the last couple of months, chances are I've had one of these on the needles. All were, surprisingly, finished in time to give to the recipients for Christmas, although they were not necessarily finished in a timely fashion...

Please note, there are pics under the cut and all links go to my Ravelry page, just in case you have a ravelry account (but you're only missing technical details if you don't...)

Becca's Lace-Up Gloves )

Penny's Hat )

Karl's Gauntlets )

Patsy's Sweater )

There are one or two more to be posted, but the recipients haven't seen them yet, so I'll wait until they have before sharing - else it will spoil the surprise!
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...and I am insane.

I think I've found my next big craft project:

Tablecloth II - This time it's crochet....


Of course, I've still got the tube map (half-completed photos to follow), the christmas present shawl, the peacock buffet scarf (don't ask) and the cluster stitch doily to finish.

And that's not including the bag that needs sewing up, the two tapestry cushions that just need a back, the crochet cushion that's missing one square, the other Christmas shawl that's missing forty tassels, the pair of socks (minus about ten rounds), the top that requires the ends weaving in (and me to lose two stone in order to wear) and the many Christmas cards that have been stitched and/or crocheted, but have yet to actually become 'card' shaped.

I think I have completion problems...

(And yes, if I can get any of them finished, some of these *will* make it into folk's stockings. If you see what I mean...)

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