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Not dead, but the internet connection is. I've had to make a trip in order to ensure my Pros Big Bang fic was posted on the correct day!

But yes, it's finished and it's up. Blimey. Didn't think I was going to make it, to be honest. But hurrah! Definitely deserves a drink...

Holiday is going well. Though C and I were writing an iterinery of things to do for the fortnight and it's all gone! We're planning on visiting the Chelsea Physic Garden, the London Dungeon, The Clink, London Zoo, St Thomas' Operating Theatre, The Tower of London, Camden Town (mainly for dim sum, apparently) and we're going to go on an open-topped tourist bus. Woo!

Anyway, link to fic is here, in case you fancy reading it: Any Other World
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So myself, [livejournal.com profile] cuvalwen, Guv and Gladys are safely ensconced on the Brighton train, with sausages and candy and all manner of good things. Looking forward to seeing a huge bunch of folk in Brighton this weekend, and I'll leave you with this random moment of the morning - while sat on the tube this morning, C and I sat opposite Patricia Hodge of "played that bitch wot almost married Doyle" fame...

Well, I did say it was random...

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