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Due to the fact the department I work for has the initials "K" & "I", I've just realised that I work for "Kandi". That's slightly worrying...

No actual piccies of the real dress yet (we're a superstitious bunch and there won't be until after the wedding), but here are stock photos of C and I's* dresses. They are rather lush...

Dresses by Vivien Of Holloway

Pics under the cut )

* Candi? Well, it's better than C and A... *oh bugger* ...
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So that's Christmas over for another year. I'm currently somewhere south of Grantham, travelling back on the train down to London to be with my honey again. Saw the sis this morning, so the text I received on Christmas morning (a picture of my Christmas pressies, still sat in Lincoln due to bad weather!) physically manifested. Which is great!

The pressie haul was pretty good this year. As well as the Inspector Morse DVDs from the parental unit, I got both Queen Greatest Flix DVDs as well as a lovely collection of terribly hilarious Hammer Horror Dracula DVDs from C. (She knows I fancy Christopher Lee something rotten, and only teases me about it occasionally*. Star pressie this year was from [livejournal.com profile] not_here, who sent me a beautiful stainless steel casserole dish, so I can bore you all even more with new recipe cards in the New Year. Wasn't that thoughtful of her??!

There's still New Year to go, of course, so I'm not stopping there with the 'carols'. Although this next one can't really be called a carol, but it's definitely one of those songs that makes the season! I've picked this version because the singers are obviously having a fantastic time. So, here's The Spinners singing The Twelve Days of Christmas

* Only once or twice a week, in fact.
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On having caught up with recent events in the media, C's comment was:

"What I want to know is how those two are taking it -"

Then she realised what she'd said and stopped short.

I loled.
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Um, spawned from a comment by [livejournal.com profile] jantalaimon, from a pointer to [livejournal.com profile] bible_slash by [livejournal.com profile] vodex and written as an apology to Ian (WOLJ), I present:

The Gospel According to Cuvalwen )

And yes, I know we're so going to hell. We heard the gates shut.

I had to write some of this out longhand as the computer was temporarily in use by the other flatmate. You know when you have been online too much when you put html tags in your longhand writing. And you know you've *definitely* been online too long when you insist on closing the tag in order that the rest of the writing doesn't end up in italics...

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