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Also, instead of politics, have some piccies of projects I've finished recently.

Cut for pictures of filth - crochet and knitting... )

Title links are all to Ravelry - I'm m31andy on there, just in case you've got an account too!

ETA: I just wanted to apologise for the unacceptable size of the original photos – I think I've managed to scale them all down now, but if any are still horribly large, let me know. I'm a pillock...
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Well, I did say that I was making the big gay afghan and that I would share pictures. Well, yes. It's taken a while, but here some are. I apologise for the quality, I'm both crap at taking photos and also terrible at remembering to have my good camera on me. These, therefore, were taken with my camera phone in not very good light.

Make Way for the BGA! )

As you can see, the meerkats got involved. Traditionally, knitted and crocheted items are modelled on the owner's cat (for some reason all knitters and crocheters seem to own cats, have owned cats or will own cats in the future. I have no idea why that is.)

Well, anyway. C's cat (see?) seems to be a little concerned about the Big Gay Afghan. Personally, I think that Turing's just unsure of what to make of something that's actually fluffier than he is.

The meerkats (obviously) have no problems with such fluffiness. It's better for Guv's knees and also for Gladys' invisible genitalia. (Next time, he gets to mop up the treacle himself...)

The BGA is not quite done - there's another three stripes to do, but as those stripes are approximately 75m long (and an inch and a half thick), it's going to take me a while to finish. *sigh*

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