Feb. 25th, 2010

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So the snowdrops have been around for over three weeks and the purple croci are just starting to bloom. Another week and I must get down to Kew to see the crocus carpet. It's a beautiful sight and only really eclipsed by their bluebell carpet a couple of months later. If I remember, I'll take a camera with me to get some piccies down.

As for you lot, you're all sacked. Well, the ones that know of my slight obsession with plants, that is. I've been bemoaning the lack of books on the purely folkloric magickal uses of plants for several years now. Sure, Roy Vickery and Margaret Baker have had a bish, but neither book is comprehensive in the slightest. So I've been using Grieves, plus a couple of magickal plant books (Garden of Hades and Herbcraft) to plug any gap and have been threatening to write my own. Seems that I've been preceeded by over a hundred years... Why didn't anyone *tell* me about The Folk-Lore of Plants by TH Thistelton-Dyer???

Ah well, Amazon, as ever, doth provide. Let's see what's left to write about, once I've looked.

In related news, I'm still stuck as ever on the vexing question of the Saturn obsession of Culpeper and the curious incident of Jupiter and Henbane. And it's all Grieve's fault.

In which the blogger rambles incessantly about Henbane, Culpeper and the pesky business of astrology - I can tell it's not everyone's cup of tissane )
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You have *no* idea how nervous I am, posting this up. This is part one of three, which is almost the same length as the longest thing I'd previously written. Eep! What if I'm crap at writing plot? Or terrible at keeping plot holes out of it?!


But, I need to get this out, out off my hard drive, else I'm never going to finish the [livejournal.com profile] ci5_boxoftricks challenge. So here it is.

Flowers Never Bend With the Rainfall - Part One

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