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C has just informed me that in the 'casting game' I would be portrayed in the movie of my life by Katherine Hepburn. In fact, she says, it'd be like Bringing Up Baby, but with meerkats.

In other news, wine is very unlikely to be corked any more. Mind you, it's much more likely to be screwed...

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Jul. 23rd, 2010 12:31 pm
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And you know what that means...

So please comment below with a fandom (that I'm familiar with) and a book/author/book series (depending on how charitable you're feeling towards me) and I'll give you the parallels. (And, hopefully, will be funny with it...)
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THIS!!! (it's an oldie, but a goodie.)

The fifth annual Life on Mars Ficathon sign-up has been posted at [livejournal.com profile] lifein1973. The more, the merrier (although unless Drayce gets in there first, I'm sorely tempted to write the P&P pastiche. Perhaps I should go with Jane Eyre instead. Hmm.)

Go. Sign Up.

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* * *

*Lancelot rises from the grave to put a sword through Cynric's neck*

A – It's the revenge of Zombie Lancelot. Also, if this is something that comes and goes, like migraine. It's not. And the best proof I have of this happened at the weekend, which I completely forgot to mention.

I did mention that J, A, cuvalwen and I knitted one year for many of our gay friends. These were in a variety of characters. All sharing the same brain. And I realise that the meerkats are giggling to themselves. Oooh dear.

* Now *there's* a crossover.


Jun. 24th, 2010 05:36 pm
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Research question - can anyone help?

It's London, 1982, and you want to leave, say, a small amount of cash, an A4 envelope/file full of 'state secrets' and a passport in a location which is accessable at all times, is not too difficult to get into, but is safe enough. Ideally security would be of the "if you have the key you can open it" as I require a third party to be able to access it (with the key, of course) It also needs to be fairly long term.

What would you use?

I suspect lockers at stations (esp. Waterloo and Victoria) would've been in the process of being removed at this time, and even if they were still available, you couldn't get away with having a key to one for three years, could you? They were strictly short term only.

PO Boxes aren't, apparently, actual boxes, unlike in the States and elsewhere. (Which is annoying because they are rather cool, actually!) Has that always been the case?

Bank safety deposit boxes, at least now, are too difficult to get into, require too much ID.

Gym/swimming lockers, I suppose aren't accessable 24 hours? Tempted to use a bathhouse (*g*) but also suspect that you'd definitely not get away with long-term use of the locker and/or the proprietor turning a blind eye to you using it, wouldn't be so impressed when other 'gents' start using it as well.


Oh, and ta muchly!

Oh, oh - and if you can't guess what this is for, I'd be very, very surprised!

Oh fuck...

Jun. 6th, 2010 10:14 pm
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So, you know I can't stand meerkats. Or politics?

This is my worst nightmare.

I'm not going to say any more.

Thank you, the Torygraph.
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There was so much garlic in the aioli at lunch, the roof of my mouth now stings...

An anonymouse is writing a reply to the Anonymous Pornfest II (The Porn Bites Back), which is a bit bizarre as it's nearly a year ago since we last ran one.

Even more bizarrely, it's an answer to the dub!con Sam/Harry Woolfe prompt.

Fic is here and isn't half-bad. Pity that the author isn't going to get much credit. I've left a note to ask whether the anonymouse wishes to repost/have it reposted/pointered on [livejournal.com profile] lifein1973, fingers crossed (s)he replies!

Of course, this has got me thinking. It's been a year since the last one - how do folk fancy another anon pornfest???

If so, shall we open it up for A2A as well? Or shall we not do that?

Oh, and [livejournal.com profile] darthfi: are you happy for the joint fic journal to be used again to this end?

In fact, let's be democratic.


[Poll #1573862]

Okay, I'm an idiot. I managed to miss out the Ashes question.

[Poll #1573870]

ETA: Of course, if it turns out anonymouse is one of you lot, posting on the meme in order to prompt me into starting up this year's... then you're a sneaky little so-and-so. And that's probably why we're friends. *G*


May. 29th, 2010 08:58 pm
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I wasn't going to admit to watching blog Eurovision this year, but dear god, there's something serious about the backing of the British entry - the girls are about a quarter-tone out (I think) and it sounds bloody awful!

(I quite liked Spain though. And I've had a crush on Niamh Kavanagh since the last time!!!)
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On having caught up with recent events in the media, C's comment was:

"What I want to know is how those two are taking it -"

Then she realised what she'd said and stopped short.

I loled.
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Also, instead of politics, have some piccies of projects I've finished recently.

Cut for pictures of filth - crochet and knitting... )

Title links are all to Ravelry - I'm m31andy on there, just in case you've got an account too!

ETA: I just wanted to apologise for the unacceptable size of the original photos – I think I've managed to scale them all down now, but if any are still horribly large, let me know. I'm a pillock...
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So, for once, I know where a meme actually started! From [livejournal.com profile] draycevixen who thought it would be more interesting to list all the situations the lads are stuck in due to a case of rather serious writer's block.

My WIP folder seems to be quite large )

I'm slightly disturbed by some of the pairings on this list - my OTPs are very thin on the ground there. (That possibly explains why they're all still WIPS!
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Oh help me, oh wonderful friendslist, I'm in a bit of a bind.

If a person were to be badly injured in the commission of a crime (say, for instance, joyriding in a stolen car...), would there be a police presence when the next of kin presents him/herself at the hospital? Obviously the injured party would be arrested if/when (s)he is in a fit state to be so. But in the meantime? How much of the nature of the crime would be related to the next of kin, if the joyrider was over the age of majority? Would this differ if the next of kin is not a blood relation?

Have things changed in the last twenty years? The incident I wish to write about is set in London in the early 1980s.

Thoughts? Facts? Ideas? Flames?


And yes, to those of you who think you know what I'm talking about. It's that fic.
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A few terrible (maths) jokes. Just for [livejournal.com profile] gritsinmisery. Yes, you can beat her up for encouraging me.

Unfortunately, no pun in ten did )

Just don't ask me to start writing down the old shaggy dog stories. I think someone might shoot me.

ETA: to fix the minor inaccuracies in the jokes. My friendslist is a haven for pedants, obviously. *grin*
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Well, we made it to the end, just )

We are now rather toasted. I'm voting for bed. C is voting for Troy. May the tiredest soul win.
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After a weekend of suffering from a cold, most likely contracted from my boss, and suffering enough to not go into work today, C has had me watching god-awful films because, in her words, it'll take our minds off it.

So, here below the cut, are choice words about the first of the films.

Arthur - With added historical accuracy. Apparently. )

Next up, if I'm still sober enough to type, is the madness that is Sparta. Wish me luck. Or a quick death. Or something.
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You have *no* idea how nervous I am, posting this up. This is part one of three, which is almost the same length as the longest thing I'd previously written. Eep! What if I'm crap at writing plot? Or terrible at keeping plot holes out of it?!


But, I need to get this out, out off my hard drive, else I'm never going to finish the [livejournal.com profile] ci5_boxoftricks challenge. So here it is.

Flowers Never Bend With the Rainfall - Part One

(x-posted to [livejournal.com profile] teaandswissroll)
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So the snowdrops have been around for over three weeks and the purple croci are just starting to bloom. Another week and I must get down to Kew to see the crocus carpet. It's a beautiful sight and only really eclipsed by their bluebell carpet a couple of months later. If I remember, I'll take a camera with me to get some piccies down.

As for you lot, you're all sacked. Well, the ones that know of my slight obsession with plants, that is. I've been bemoaning the lack of books on the purely folkloric magickal uses of plants for several years now. Sure, Roy Vickery and Margaret Baker have had a bish, but neither book is comprehensive in the slightest. So I've been using Grieves, plus a couple of magickal plant books (Garden of Hades and Herbcraft) to plug any gap and have been threatening to write my own. Seems that I've been preceeded by over a hundred years... Why didn't anyone *tell* me about The Folk-Lore of Plants by TH Thistelton-Dyer???

Ah well, Amazon, as ever, doth provide. Let's see what's left to write about, once I've looked.

In related news, I'm still stuck as ever on the vexing question of the Saturn obsession of Culpeper and the curious incident of Jupiter and Henbane. And it's all Grieve's fault.

In which the blogger rambles incessantly about Henbane, Culpeper and the pesky business of astrology - I can tell it's not everyone's cup of tissane )
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Isuzu Mini Honda Opel STOP Toyota Honda Isuzu Skoda Isuzu Skoda Alfa Ferrari Alfa Isuzu Rover Lotus Yaris Porsche Opel Isuzu Nissan Toyota Lotus Escort Skoda Skoda Mini Escort Mini Escort STOP Bugatti Universal Toyota Isuzu Toyota Skoda Alfa Mini Universal Skoda Isuzu Nissan Golf Mini Escort Skoda Opel Winnebago Honda Opel Cortina Alfa Rover Escort Skoda STOP

Isuzu Ferrari Yaris Opel Universal Cortina Alfa Nissan Universal Nissan Datsun Escort Rover Skoda Toyota Alfa Nissan Datsun Toyota Honda Isuzu Skoda, Cortina Opel Porsche Yaris Alfa Nissan Datsun Porsche Alfa Skoda Toyota Escort Isuzu Toyota Toyota Opel Yaris Opel Universal Rover Lotus Isuzu Volkswagen Escort Jaguar Opel Universal Rover Nissan Alfa Lotus STOP

(Skoda Toyota Opel Lotus Escort Nissan Ferrari Rover Opel Mini lj user=Skoda Alfa Cortina Rover Escort Datsun Skoda Alfa Cortina Honda Alfa Skoda Mini STOP Opel Ferrari Cortina Opel Universal Rover Skoda Escort, Isuzu Toyota Honda Alfa Datsun Toyota Honda Escort Nissan Alfa Toyota Opel Porsche Honda Opel Nissan Escort Toyota Isuzu Cortina Cortina Opel Datsun Escort STOP Toyota Honda Isuzu Skoda Isuzu Skoda Winnebago Rover Isuzu Toyota Toyota Escort Nissan Isuzu Nissan Toyota Honda Escort Alfa Lotus Ferrari Alfa Bugatti Universal Golf Alfa Triumph Triumph Isuzu Cortina Opel Datsun Escort STOP Mini Universal Cortina Honda Mini Opel Rover Escort Ferrari Universal Nissan!)

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